Who are we?

Ruby International Ltd is a Tanzanian mining investment firm established in 2013 by CEO Salim Almass. Specializing in unique and durable gemstones, the company is committed to ethical sourcing that benefits local communities. Their goal is to enhance living standards through job opportunities and improved education. Ruby International aims to responsibly mine and promote colored gemstones from Tanzania globally, prioritizing transparency, legitimacy, and stakeholder engagement.


Why Ruby?

Ruby is unique in the gemstone sector due to being the one of the few companies that mine and produces colored gemstones. Ruby should be your company of choice because of the following: –

  • 100% Locally owned company giving back to the community they were raised in
  • Fully licensed and regulated gemstone export company
  • Situated close to ports, road and all essential infrastructure
  • Takes pride in having affordable and durable bespoke gemstones
  • Environmentally conscious by ensuring responsible environmental practices are followed in all our operations

Our Vision

Ruby’s vision is to be the global leader in African gemstones while maintaining an equivalent balance between profit, people, and the environment.

Our Mission

Our company philosophy is to explore, develop and sell the best gemstones while providing world class services and adhering to giving back to the community we were raised and conserving the environment.

Our Values

Five values inform everything we do:
safety, alignment, transparency, advancement and integrity.


Ruby aims to improve every day. To ensure development and socio-economic benefits to the community, we invest in training, research and constant improvement because we believe these build the path to development.


If Ruby succeeds, we all succeed. This culture is embedded in our leaders, our employees and the community at large and it enables everyone to contribute to Ruby thriving and striving for greater heights.


Ruby strives to ensure transparent practices. We believe that complete visibility across our business and processes will enable to create trust and allow our customers to make informed decisions to partner with us.


Ruby has a Zero Harm policy. We research, consider and address risks before proceeding with any activity.


Ruby has a Do the right thing attitude. We have set up policies that help steer our direction and aid in honest decision making in all of our practices.