Ruby International is committed to ESG in all its business decisions. Our focus on sustainability remains central to value creation, enabling Ruby to realize opportunities, effectively manage risk and contribute to sustainable development.


Healthy and
Safe Workshop.

At Ruby, we recognize our legal and moral obligation to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, stakeholders and community members. We adhere to proper health and safety management practices in all our processes and encourage our employees to act responsibly while in the field. Ruby has a Zero Harm policy. We apply robust safety measures to ensure that our people are protected.


Socio-economic Empowerment

We contribute to the social and economic development of our communities by creating long-term value and sharing economic benefits. Our company structure has made it so easy to make decisions to help our community with most of our employees born and raised within their project areas so we know their problems at heart. Ruby international has made contributions, sponsored and participated fully in attending to the community needs and followed up on the impact. We have built hospitals, schools, police stations with the aim of contributing towards enhancing the lives of the community.


Sustainable Development

We strive towards an environmentally sustainable footprint, with the ultimate aim of not only minimising our impact on the environment but leaving it in better condition wherever possible. Ruby has set up environmental management practices, increased stakeholder involvement and appropriate governance controls that are geared towards ensuring sustainable development. We have a commitment to listen to our stakeholders and ensure that our decisions are not detrimental to them or to the environment and/or community at large